Why start the Smile Inside Blog?

In school my friends used to joke that I was always smiling- which made me unable to stop as I became aware of it. It’s what a lot of people notice about me or remember about me – my smile. (Thank god for braces!)

I like having a ‘sunny disposition’  but sometimes I feel like I have to keep up a happy facade and keep smiling even when I’m feeling stressed or upset and all I want to do is cry.

Smile Inside is about taking care of yourself properly – focusing on proper nutrition, listening to your body and remembering its ok not to feel ok.

Massive health benefits – emotional, mental and physiological can come from a few small changes and believing you can do it! Cheesy but true.

Too often we have great plans to completely revamp diets and lifestyles but finding the motivation to put those plans into action is the real challenge. I am guilty of this myself, for months I’ve been thinking about eating better and getting fitter and I have finally found motivation to start in the form of this blog!

So Smile Inside is here to help you (and me) look after ourselves properly by understanding the crucial role nutrition plays in our overall health and incorporating it into our lives- 1 change at a time.

Anytime I post about lifestyle or health issues I’ll include links to studies or official websites to back up facts and figures.Its so easy to get information these days,its important to make sure it comes from a reliable source!