Easing the inevitable hangover of a night out

Guidelines are recommendations made for the overall general public of drinking age but this doesn’t mean that they can be enforced or even be heard by everyone. Whether you have student stamina and are out all week or live for weekends on the lash, it’s good to be aware of the guidelines and the affect alcohol has on your body, even if you don’t follow them to the letter.

If you would like to lessen your alcohol intake on a night out, whether it’s because your broke, don’t want to drink too much at the staff party or simply for your health, fitting a few of the following tips into the night could make all the difference (and ease the dreaded hangover too!)

  • Dioralyte (Electrolytes)

When you’re getting ready to head out remember to dissolve a sachet in a water bottle and put it in your fridge, you will love yourself for it when you fall in the door a few hours later. Try drink it before you go to sleep or bring it to bed so you can drink it if you wake up. If you get severe hangovers dissolve another sachet to drink throughout the next day.

Dioralyte sachets contain re hydration salts, which consist of glucose and electrolytes – perfect to combat the dehydration from alcohol’s diuretic effect.

Sport drinks also contain glucose and electrolytes, which is why so many people consider them a ‘hangover cure’. Dioralyte contains more electrolytes than sports drink and fewer calories! Coconut water also contains electrolytes.

  • Eat

We’ve all heard how important ‘lining you stomach’ is before a night out and eating a meal before drinking does delay alcohol absorption but won’t stop you getting drunk if it’s a heavy night. Try eat a meal with a good source of protein like lean meat for the amino acids in the protein which help your liver detox and allow for a less severe hangover and plenty of leafy greens and colourful vegetables for vitamin B that supports your pancreas in producing insulin to combat the sugar in alcoholic drinks and mixers.

  • Avoid rounds

Rounds can seem like a good idea if it’s just you and a friend but if you get roped into a group round it can put pressure on your pocket and make you drink more as you might feel like you have to ‘keep up’.

  • Water

Since alcohol has a diuretic effect, it’s important to try stay hydrated throughout the night. Whenever you go up to get a drink, get a glass of water too- it will keep you hydrated meaning a clearer head and it will help you pace yourself. As the night goes on your water will become the target of dehydrated dancers- good thing it’s free!

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